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A big strength of Puddle Duck is our size. Our staff is able to get to know each child individually. They are able to manage each child's individuals needs and behaviors. This gives our staff the ability to help each individual child reach their full potential and be the best they can be.
Infants (6 weeks-15 months)

Our infant room has a ratio of 2:7. It has a separate play and sleep area. The infant room has lots of toys that are rotated monthly to keep the children’s interest. Our primary goal in the infant room is to minimize stress so that each child can reach his or her growth potential in all areas of development.

Toddlers (between 15 months & 2 years)


The toddler room has a ratio of 2:9. Toddlers are an energetic bunch, striving for independence but still looking for help in maintaining emotional balance. It is our goal to help them accomplish all of these tasks by establishing consistent daily routine, a fun, challenging curriculum, and nurturing a positive style of discipline.



Transitional (between 2 & 3 years)

The transitional room ratio is 2:9. Our transitional preschool classroom meets the emerging social play of our youngest preschoolers, with a big dramatic play space and gross motor for their continuing motor development. Children will be exposed to many activities that focus on strengthening motor skills, social & emotional development. Curriculum is planned and developed based off of the Massachusetts Preschool Guidlining Frameworks.

Pre-Kindergarten (between 3 & 4 years)


The Pre-Kindergarten room has a ratio of 1:10. The preschool room has a wonderful book area for snuggling with a good book and spaces for particular skill building such as writing and math games. Monthly age-appropriate curriculum is planned using the Massachusetts Preschool Guidlining Frameworks.

Transitional-Kindergarten (between 4 & 5 years)


The transitional kindergarten room has a ratio of 1:14. Our trans-kindergarten room is designed for small group lessons and cooperative learning activities, as well as block building and discovery table activities. We offer a wide variety of themes and activities based on challenging the individual child's cognitive, social, emotional, and self help skills. In Kindergarten, we encourage independence and promote positive self-esteem. Our goal is to prepare a confident and well-rounded child who will have a very successful transition into the public schools. Curriculum is planned and developed based off of the Massachusetts Preschool & Kindergarten Frameworks.

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