Puddle Duck Day School has been serving Woburn, Reading and other area communities since 1989. Puddle Duck was founded by Colleen Maloney-Benedix in order to provide a quality, nurturing, learning environment for her own son. Now, Puddle Duck has grown into a place for all children within our care to become confident, creative, responsible, and caring learners too.

About us


Each classroom develops a monthly curriculum within the developmental stages of the classroom in mind. Curriculum is created by implementing age appropriate standards developed by the Department of Early Childhood Education. Puddle Duck believes a well planned curriculum is essential to the happiness and harmony of our school. 

Meet our staff

Puddle Duck Day School’s staff has been carefully selected and individually trained by our center administration and fellow staff members. They are all certified through the State of Massachusetts as Early Childhood Educators. Our staff is continually educating themselves through workshops, seminars, under graduate and graduate level courses.

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21 X Olympia Ave

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Current Openings:


 Aug 2020 2 day 

Sept 2020 FT



Mid August 2 Day (Th-F)

Sept FT 


August 2 Day (Th-F)

August 1 FT 


Mid August 3 days

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