Infant Room

Marybeth Iannuzzi


Marybeth started at Puddle Duck in 1998 as an assistant in the transitional preschool class but eventually found her way to her love, the babies. She has been the infant room teacher for over ten years. Marybeth has three children and three grandchildren. All three grandchildren attended Puddle Duck. Marybeth is a wonder with the infants.  She is always singing, playing and being silly with the babies, which is why they love her. She also understands that as an infant teacher that although it is so important to be nurturing, it is just as important to be teaching at the same time. The first year at school there are many milestones that need to be met for each baby so that the transition to the next classroom is as stress free as possible. Marybeth is constantly adapting the infant’s schedules to meet these milestones while making sure each infant is thriving. Puddle Duck is the home away from home for the babies, instilling a sense of security at school while insuring that each baby meets his/her developmental potential is Marybeth’s primary goal in the classroom.

Alexa Giacchetti

Assistant Teacher

Alexa began working at Puddle Duck in 2011 as an assistant teacher through a work study program in high school. Alexa decided to continue her education at North Shore Community College with a focus in graphic design. While attending college, Alexa maintained a part time position here at Puddle Duck. Through her years she has been an assistant in all of our classrooms which makes her a big asset to our school and popular amongst all children!

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